Bamboo fibre has become a highly desired raw material because of its many exceptional qualities. Bamboo is the most ecological material for textiles because it grows well naturally without fertilisers, artifical irrigation or pesticides. This is why Greenstone™ is the uncompromising choice of today’s environment-conscious consumer, entrepreneur and corporation.

The luxurious shine and unique softness of bamboo is only rivalled by silk. Bamboo adjusts very well to temperature changes: it feels warm in cold and cool in warm. Bamboo also effectively blocks the build-up of bacteria that develop odour.



Bamboo plant is one of the largest members of the grass family. The plant grows very rapidly, up to twenty inches a day, and spreads by shoots. Because bamboo grows well naturally, artificial irrigation or pesticides should not be used in its cultivation. As a natural material bamboo biodegrades well by itself.

As a comparison, the mass-cultivation of cotton has lead to ecological disaster in many places throughout the world. Cotton requires powerful artifical irrigation that has turned vast areas in Central Asia into salt deserts. In addition to water, huge amounts of chemical fertilisers and pesticides are needed to ensure large crops. In fact, a quarter of the worldwide use of pesticides are used in cotton fields.


The most important feature of a bamboo textile is that the fibre is antibacterial. This is caused by a natural transmitter called ‘bamboo-kun’. The bamboo fibre surface is round and smooth, making it difficult for bacteria to attach itself on the fibre.

The antibacterial feature is preseved even after the textile has been washed dozens of times. This is especially important when the textiles are used by beauty- and health businesses.


Cotton bath-textiles may start to smell fusty after a relatively short usage as a result of the bacteria remaining on the fibre in spite of washing the textile in high temperatures. The bamboo-kun prevents the bacteria from attaching and spreading on the fabric, thus keeping the towels, bath robes or the sandals fresh despite repeated washing.

Hypoallergenic and high absorbtion capacity

The structure of bamboo fibre is smooth and round. This is why it is ideal even for a highly sensitive skin and a popular material in baby-clothing. Bamboo is also used for medical purposes because it is hypoallergic. Due to the fibre structure, bamboo can absorb three to four times more moisture than cotton or other textile fibres.

Greenstone products are 100% organic bamboo

All our products are made of the highest quality bamboo available, and produced by using the most environmentally friendly mechanical method. In the mechanical process of producing bamboo fibre natural enzymes are used to break down the stalks, allowing the fibre to be combed out. This method doesn’t burden the environment and is also applied in the production of flax and hemp.

scene from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

The natural bamboo forests of Anji are located in the South-West of Shanghai. The vast 65,000 hectare forest is the largest in the world. The Anji province is investing in the research of bamboo cultivation and use of the fibre.

The source of Greenstone™ bamboo is in Anji, where also the popular martial arts movieCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2003) was filmed.

The 120 square kilometer Sichuan bamboo forests climb on high mountain hills near the city of Yibin. The forest is praised for its beauty and called Bamboo Sea because if you see it from the top of the mountain it swells like a calm ocean.